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Commerce Design: Detroit is a competition aimed at raising awareness of, and access to, professional design services for neighborhood small businesses, and to celebrate the impact of commercial design projects on the communities in which these businesses reside. The competition will recognize projects, submitted jointly by the business owner and design team, that have been completed within the City of Detroit, including Highland Park and Hamtramck, in the last 5 years. 

Competition Submission Requirements:

Business Information:

  • Business Name and Generic Business Type (i.e. "Cafe", "Book Store", "Financial Planner", etc.)
  • Neighborhood + Mailing Address, Website and Email Address, Business Contact Information
  • Buildout statistics (i.e. Project Area / Square Footage, Year of Completion, Total Project Cost)
  • Business Owner Questionnaire 

Design Team Information:

  • Design Firm Name and Practice Type (i.e. Architect, Interior Designer, Graphic or Branding Designer)
  • Design Firm Contact Information
  • Additional Contributing Consultants

Submission Materials:

  • Project Floorplan(s) or Layout Diagram(s) (Compiled to a single .pdf)
  • Completed Project Images (Up to six (6) 'after' images)
  • Competition Exhibit Board (Optional; One compiled image or graphic to be exhibited at the AIAD Celebration of Architecture, Thursday September 20th)
  • "Before" Images (Optional; Up to two (2) images)
  • Brand / Visual Identity Graphics (Optional; up to four (4) images or graphics, including logos, signage, printed materials, packaging, etc.)
  • Design Team Image (Optional; one (1) photograph of the Design Team; may be as formal or casual as desired)

Submission Text:

  • 500-Word Project Summary
  • 1-3 Sentence Quote or Testimonial from Business Owner, Employees, or Customers on the impact of the Design process)
  • List of Design Team's additional projects completed or underway in Detroit
  • Disclosure and Waiver
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